Vigie Peninsular
Api-Excursion & Beekeeping Tour

Journey with us, as we take you on a buzzing adventure, into the busy life of bees in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean.

Our mission is to educate the citizens of the Caribbean on beekeeping and the wonders of bees.

We strive to develop ecologically-sound, symbiotic relationships with nature, which supports forest conservation and the expansion of the honey industry.

Beehive & Queen Inspection

See how the components of the hive work together to provide a remarkably secure and functional home to these important insects.

Honey, Mead & Pollen Tasting

In addition to being a great natural sweetener, honey can also provide some major health benefits including blood sugar regulation, burn or wound healing, and better sleep facilitation.

Wax Candle & Soap Making

Beeswax candles are made from sheets of beeswax. They smell delicious and make pretty candles very easily! These beeswax candles also make awesome gifts for Christmas and birthdays.

Sustainability & Partnerships

Our tours are available due to our partnerships with Cox and Company as well as Casa Del Vega

Did you know that bees are responsible for pollinating 35% of global food production?

What to Expect

Upon arrival at the center, you will be welcomed and given a brief history on beekeeping in Saint Lucia and learn interesting facts about bees, honey and strategies being used in Saint Lucia to save endangered bees.

This excursion is not just educational, but very interactive, as you get to sample exotic Black Mangrove honey from our world-renowned Ramsar site, make your own candle from natural beeswax, sample other natural beauty products, partake of foods made with honey.

Did you know that the reason that bees are so noisy is because they beat their wings 11,400 times per minute?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. We’re always happy to help.

We cater to children, youths and adults alive, foreign or local, in other words anyone who is interested in learning about bees!

Our tours last for approximately 2-3hours, and are fully interactive and lots of fun!

Honey bees usually only sting to defend their hives, however, here are some basic considerations and rules of participation for your own safety.

Please dress appropriately – Participants must wear pants and no open toed shoes (i.e. shorts and flip flops). Bee suits are sting resistant, not sting proof, and they do not cover your feet.

Best to avoid these too. We recommend that on the day of the tour that you do not use perfume or strongly-scented products. The bees may think that you are a big flower and become personally interested in you!

Animals can be naturally curious and get stung, thus panicking and hurting other animals or little humans around them. Please be considerate of your pets safety and those around you and arrange for pet care before visiting the apiary.

Each participant must sign (or their parents or legal guardian) a hold-harmless agreement that will be available at the apiary on the day of the tour or if need be, we can email the form to you for prior signatures. This agreement ensures that you or the parent / legal guardian understands the inherent risk around a working bee hive and we will not be held liable for bee stings, allergic reactions or unsafe behavior by participants of your tour as well as our right to refuse a participant a tour if we deem they are acting in a unsafe manner at the apiary and near the bee hives.

All cancellations will be refunded if done within 2 weeks of the booking.