Module 6: Hive Tools and Equipment

Mr. Richard Matthias, Master Beekeeper Cornell University and President, Iyanola Apiculture Collective.

Table of Contents

Key Beekeeping Tools

There are six main beekeeping tools.

  1. Hive tool – used to lifting and work frame
  2. Frame Grip – used to pull the frame out of box
  3. Bee Brush – used to brush off bees
  4. Bee Suit – used to protect wearer’s body from stings
  5. Gloves – used to protect wearer’s hands from stings
  6. Smoker – used to calm the bees

How to use a smoker.

  1. Begin with crumpled newspaper, banana leaf or wood chips lightly packed. 
  2. Light the fuel, wait until it burns on its own, and then push it down to the bottom of the smoker with your hive tool. 
  3. Squeeze the bellows a few times to force air up through the lightly-packed fuel.
  4. Add more fuel to the well lit flame and close lid
  5. Once the fire is burning lustily and flames are licking the insides of the fuel chamber, you can add larger fuel and more oxygen and use it.
  6. Pump bellow to release smoke into box
  7. When done, empty ash onto mud or wet soil or extinguish with water